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Manitu Group has been creating Flash related software since 1998. Please visit our product sites for more information.

Action Script Viewer

ASV, Action Script Viewer: Flash / SWF decompiler and resource extractor for Windows, first released on May 16, 2000.

February 2011: Read ASV 2011 release announcement here.
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ASV requires activation. To get ASV running as fast as possible, you can state your Product Activation Code (PAC) on the order form. (You can learn your PAC using ShowPAC utility).

AS3 Sorcerer

AS3 Sorcerer is an AS3 decompiler for Windows. You can open Flash (SWF) files and see decompiled Action Script 3 (AS3) code.You can easily save the decompiled script to a single text file or into a folder structure. AS3 Sorcerer also shows vital Flash file information including contents of SWF header, Metadata and FileAttributes tags. You can use AS3 Sorcerer for learning purposes or for recovering your work if the source is lost.

AS3 Sorcerer is fast, easy to use and affordable!
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URL Action Editor

UAE is a Win32 application that lets you edit string parameters of URL related actions (getURL, LoadMovie, UnloadMovie, LoadVariables, FScommand and more) and actions that contain = ,==, ===, eq operators in version 3 , 4, 5, MX/6, MX2004/7 and 8 SWF files. Also you can hide/swap any symbol in the SWF file or change a symbol by importing a symbol from another SWF! Effectively you can change URL/email addresses in a SWF, hide or change a graphic in the SWF without the source FLA file... (A pre-release version that supports AS3/SWF9-10 is also available!)
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Download UAE help file (~504 KB)
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Captionate is a Win32 application for injecting multi-language caption/subtitle data into Flash video (FLV) files. You conveniently receive the injected data as callbacks in your Flash (SWF) file whether you stream the FLV file from the internet or play it locally. Captionate provides an environment to easily add your data with a video preview. Captionate also supports injecting simple cue points called markers and cue points introduced with Flash 8 Video Encoder. Captionate supports Unicode on Windows 2000 and later. (Current available pre-release version also supports exporting and importing Timed Text TT XML format).
Captionate Quick Links:
Download Captionate help file (~601 KB)
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